Emily Sutton

Equine & Canine Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Emily Sutton Physiotherapy helps restore function and mobility to horses and dogs which may have sustained an injury or have recently recovered from surgery.

Techniques range from manual, including massage, passive stretches and active stretches, to electrotherapies including ultrasound, laser, TENs and magnetic therapy. The technique used is dependent upon the nature of the issue and the state of the tissues upon assessment. A thorough assessment takes place initially with a dynamic assessment with the animal in motion. Range of movement is then assessed together with visual assessment of muscular symmetry. Following this, palpation techniques are utilized to identify any focal areas of pain or tension and these issues are addressed and treated with the techniques described above. Rider biomechanics assessments are available which investigates symmetry and balance of the rider together with position and whether these elements contribute to the horses’ performance issues. Specific software helps identify any imbalances or asymmetry occurring in the rider which can alter the horses’ balance and cadence.

Equine & Canine Physiotherapy Services

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From an early age, Emily helped at an Animal Sanctuary where she developed her love for dogs, horses, ponies, & donkeys! It was here that early roots of experience came with rehabilitation of horses and ponies with many physical and psychological problems following the successful rescue from sometimes desperate situations. Other skills were developed whilst at the Animal Sanctuary including learning how to break-in young horses and ponies to ride and drive with a natural and sympathetic approach. At 14, Emily secured a job at a successful Showjumping yard where valuable experience was gained from the competing world. Regular attendance as a groom at affiliated competitions, combined with training young show jumping horses meant Emily gained a wider knowledge of the athletic requirements expected and the training required to become a successful and professional rider. As an older teenager, Emily went on to train at a Racing and Eventing yard, training Point-to-Point and Eventing horses. More valuable experience was gained observing how the horse performs, learning important nutritional aspects and how excellent management ensures top performance. More recently, during a period of study for an Equine Science degree and then a Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy, Emily worked as a groom at a Welsh Section D stud in a lovely natural setting where the horses were allowed to be in family groups, producing top quality youngstock. Whilst studying for the Equine Science degree, Emily learnt about Natural Horsemanship techniques and was asked to perform a demonstration for the Queen in 2010 during a visit to the college. It was during this period of study that Emily also gained qualification as a Reiki Level II practitioner and Bach Flower Remedy Level II practitioner. Emily possesses a BSc Honours degree in Equine Science together with a Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. She is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and the Institute of Registered Animal Veterinary Physiotherapists (IRVAP). Her qualification is recognised by Insurance Companies and Veterinary Referral is required with all cases..

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Emily treated my horses fetlock wound, post stitch removal. She was calm and friendly and great around Dolly which was just as well as her wound was on her back leg, and she had to keep it totally still while Emily completed ultrasound and light therapy to encourage the scar tissue to break down and the hair to grow back. 4 weeks on and you would never know anything had happened!

Alison Stafford

I have had Emily to see my mare regularly, she has a lovely way with her and has made her feel a lot more comfortable where her muscles were tight and gave me exercises to use to keep her supple. Highly recommended

Caroline Gillespie

Emily helped my gelding as part of his treatment for arthritis. The treatments/exercises from Emily have made him much stronger and more flexible. She provided us with an individual plan which we followed, this was really helpful in order to see progress, and I'm now confident I can keep my pony feeling well. She's very knowledgable, friendly, reliable and thorough, would highly recommend!

Kate Smith


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