There are many different techniques employed during a massage session and selection of technique is dependent upon the tissue state. Palpation is an essential technique used to help identify focal areas of pain, discomfort or spasm.

There are many benefits to massage including promoting relaxation, relieving anxiety and stress, and increasing circulation which helps increase pliability of tissues and aids lymphatic flow. By increasing circulation within the tissues, an increase in oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells.

Massage also helps eliminate toxins such as lactic acid, which can accumulate in muscles during exercise. It is usual to witness elimination of these toxins in animals via urine or faeces following a treatment session. Increased yawning is another behavior regularly seen during or following treatment and is said to help increase neural activity and aid thermoregulation of the brain.

All horses will benefit from equine massage therapy, from those who are retired and having a peaceful life to those who regularly go out eventing.